About Us

Ritual Gems is a yoga inspired business with a focus on authentic gemstone malas & jewelry that reflect the mystery and beauty of the natural world.

Our Promise to You

Each mala is created with care and focus throughout the entire process, choosing and chanting mantra that resonates with the components as they are crafted. We are confident you will feel the thought & care that went into crafting each piece.


Gift Wrapped

All malas & jewelry come wrapped in a gift box. Include a gift message at no cost.



All of our items are hand-crafted by artisans in the US and India.


High Quality

We use only the best quality components. All gemstones are natural and not man-made or dyed.


Made with Love

Each of our pieces are made with care and intension.

Only The Best Quality

What makes a Ritual Gems mala stand out from the rest? Our tireless search for authentic and quality gemstone beads. None of the gemstones we use are dyed or man-made. The stone labeled “amethyst” is exactly that — not dyed to be darker or purple-colored glass. The current market for stones is flooded with sellers claiming authentic gem quality. And many well-meaning artisans who work with gemstones simply don’t know what to look for or how to tell the difference.  With the help of our certified gemologist and our policy of only buying from the best and most trustworthy sources, we can guarantee the authenticity of our gemstones. Our attention to detail means that the gemstones in our collection are certain to radiate their fullest energies to support you and your intention.

Our Story

Liz Nichols

Owner – Artisan – Designer

Liz’s love of gemstones started at a very young age. She frequently visited the Smithsonian Institute Museum as a child, where she would spend hours peering into the display cases in the gemstone, mineral and fossil section. Although her love of stones made a geology degree tempting, her love of chemistry and how the body functioned lead her follow a path in the life sciences.

After graduating with a Biochemistry & Genetics degree, Liz got a job in a biotech lab working in the macro-molecular crystallography department growing crystals from protein molecules, a technique that allowed one to see the exact structure of the protein being studied.

As it sometimes happens, her life took a different direction after moving to Austin, TX in 2008. Liz wasn’t able to find fulfilling work in the sciences so she pursued her passion for yoga. While working and teaching at a yoga studio, a fellow yoga teacher and friend started a mala import business, and Liz began working for her as her account manager and website designer. It was there that she was inspired to start crafting malas and found her true passion. Before too long, her designs were being made in India by the hundreds and sold wholesale to yoga chains across the US. When life brought another big change – a move to Seattle, WA – it was time for her own business to be born.

Liz is a 500hr Hatha yoga instructor and 200hr Kundalini teacher. Her primary focus as a yoga teacher is on the breath, mantra, meditation, and of course, how to use a mala!